Past Events

April 12, 2022

American Civic Association

Binghamton, NY

Story circle with the ACA Staff

April 3, 2022

American Civic Association Commemorative event to honor those lost April 3, 2009:

See WBNG-TV segment

Student Ashley singing "Amazing Grace" at the event

  Photo Credit: Jenny Jacoby

March 8, 2022 

Community Engagement

Binghamton University

Class session on podcasting and digital engagement

May, 2019

"Your Story Our Story" Exhibit 

Binghamton University

Featuring local storytellers and their stories (some featured in the podcast). Their stories are archived in the "Your Story Our Story" digital collection of the Tenement Museum. 

June 15-18, 2022

Panel discussion on "Immigrants Wake America" 

American Comparative Literature Association Conference 

Host: National Taiwan Normal University